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Zmedcare is  leading medical services and billing solution provider company.

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One stop solution for all health billing needs. Our  mission is to simplify the healthcare complexities and cross the hurdles that prevent local players from entering and growing in the healthcare industry.


Key Services

Increase Your Revenue

Zmedcare Healthcare services provides effective and refined full revenue cycle management. From VOB to proprietary analytics developed through real-world claims and payment and the resulting data . We provide bar-none the most personal and effective RCM in the industry.

Accelerate Your Cashflow

Billing is a general term which encompasses all necessary steps before, during and after submitting claims. Claims submission requires knowledge ICD10 coding, CPT / HCPCS coding, Rev codes and a number of different types of codes and statuses, which are often not intuitive or common knowledge. This process must be done correctly the first time, as submitting corrections, appeals and claim voids will drastically lower the likelihood of receiving your reimbursements. We make sure that claims are submitted correctly the first time, every time.

Other Services

Save Time Energy

Whether you’re a new facility getting started or you’ve been around for years, we can help you to make your system stronger. After years of seeing what works, and what doesn’t work when building a strong facility. From facility operation to staff organization, claims payments, medical necessity and historical policy pay-out data and admissions protocols, facility audits, licensing and JCAHO and CARF certification we can provide you with the insight you need to get where you’re going faster and with greater efficiency.

Aging Report / Accounts Receivable Collections

Have you seen your aging report / accounts receivable report lately? If you’ve got claims that are outstanding 90 days, 180 days or longer and you haven’t seen payment or adjudication, something is wrong. Whether your accounts are 60 days old or 360 days old, we can help you receive what you’re entitled to receive. Zmedcare Healthcare Services provides a comprehensive aged collections strategy that is based on years of experience. If it can be collected we will collect it. Our aged collections services fees are based on the age of the claim in question, so the sooner we address the unpaid claims, the more likely they are to finally pay, and the less you have to spend to get it paid.

Collection of Patient Balances

The Zmedcare is a licensed debt collector. Its collection agency services provide healthcare organizations advanced technology and customer service that ensures patients have a clear understanding of their financial obligations to the healthcare practitioners that provide them care. Zmedcare has a complete suite of patient and other forms necessary to ensure that the practice can recovery revenue quickly and efficiently. Zmedcare searches through extensive data to identify those accounts that are least likely to pay, resulting in higher recoveries through various solutions including skip tracing, bankruptcy reviews, insurance identification and verification, credit bureau reporting and various legal options.

Day One Billing Services

Zmedcare can step into an individual, mid-sized or large practice, hospital, ambulatory surgery center or other healthcare facility and provide fast, friendly and affordable billing options that combine each physician’s or hospital’s credit and collection policies with a patient-centric focus that results in higher recovery rates and increased patient satisfaction.

Credentialing Services

It has become more important than ever for providers to be networked with insurance companies. While critical to the success of a practice, credentialing is a complex and time-consuming distraction from providing quality care to patients–but it doesn’t need to be. Let Z Medcare take the burden of credentialing off of your plate.

Past-Due Receivable Services

Every health care organization depends upon the timely collection of accounts receivables to expedite cash flow and maintain good financial health. The Z Medcare’s past-due receivables follow-up services are designed to increase cash, reduce write-offs and speed up collections.

Insurance Claim & Appeals

Find out what to do if your insurance carrier denies a claim for your insurance related care or other health services.

Billing Compliance, Audits & Recoupment Attempts

We do billing compliance audits and recoupment attempts.


Team Of Professional

We recruit the highest quality talent in the industry with significant industry experience in hiring Medical professionals, utilizing a thorough recruitment strategy with an in-depth vetting process and verification.

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Zmedcare have experience in Medical solutions at the executive level. While our expertise is internationally recognized, we’re small enough to know the importance of personal interaction. Our executive team collaborates closely with clients and enjoys long-term relationships with the majority of companies Zmedcare has served. Zmedcare employs a team of certified engineers and technical consultants with focused competencies in emerging and complex technologies. Our engineers are consistently trained to stay proficient in the latest technologies and hold numerous certifications from industry leaders. With extensive qualifications and best practices knowledge, our consultants can effectively deliver the best of breed medical solutions for your business.


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